what you’ll find in the ‘why’ section

“The perpetual obstacle to human advancement is custom.”

John Stuart Mill


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the thinking

behind (re)

how (re) came to be

the origin and

importance of (re)

as the sayings go: ‘there’s a gap in the market’, ‘a need to be filled’, ‘an opportunity to be seized’. 

this section offers you the background and broader view for how (re) came to be and why it is a vital and necessary force to all markets, all needs, and for increasing the odds of seeing and seizing any opportunity to move us all forward.

the meaning behind

the name

why (re), why an institute

there’s a lot behind how the (re) institute got its name, including the meaning of the parentheses.

here we explain how and why we are working to take both our name and the true meaning and purpose of an institute back to their respective roots.

5 big observations

driving (re)

what do you observe when you pause to look around and consider why things are the way they are and how they might be better?

we see 5 big things dominating all others. in combination, we see not just opportunity and potential for great value, but a need.


right now, the place and purpose - for deepening our understanding of, widening access to, and creating more conducive environments for creative thought - are missing, even though the patterns that make creative thought so powerful are right in front of us, waiting to be seen. it’s time to tap that opportunity.

in short