what you’ll find in the ‘look’ section

“Originality is dangerous. But if you want to increase the sum of what is possible for human beings to say, to know, to understand and therefore, in the end, to be, you actually have to go to the edge and push outward.”

Salman Rushdie


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what (re) looks like

how the framework comes to life

the space (re) fills

our unique ‘market’

there’s a gap in the universe of resources for generating new ideas, innovating, and creating new value. there is a related gap in the sectors that explore how we generate, innovate and create.

the (re) institute not only seeks to fill those gaps, but to act as a bridge, connecting other valuable contributors in this universe to one another.

how the physical and virtual look

it’s the structure of (re)’s teams and how they interact, coupled with the nature and use of (re)’s assets and outputs that allows (re) to be a gathering place for exploring, expanding, and experimenting with creative thought. those elements of the place also offer greater access to creative thought.

but that’s just the beginning...

the outputs of (re)

our version of products

(re)’s outputs, what we think of as the ‘assets’ of (re), are living tools; forms of exchange; free to anyone; and inherently fluid, two-way, and open.

this section shows you why that approach results in our ‘outputs’ rising in value faster, benefiting and feeding one another, and keeping each other fresh and meaningful.

who (re) serves and how

the catalysts of creative thought: expected and not

(re)’s ultimate ‘return’ goal is to catalyze the greatest number of catalysts for human progress. the more people who understand and employ creative thought and generate lasting value, the more all of us progress.

as you will learn in this section, making that happen means understanding the full breadth and nature of the audience, prioritizing who to target, and developing ways to reach them unique to each.

who supports (re)

those involved in launching and shaping (re)

here you’ll meet some of the people helping to shape (re).

over time, we’ll keep doing that, as our ‘quilt’ grows.


this section lays out our vision for how (re) will come to life. whether you’re imagining yourself visiting (re), using its assets and insights to take yourself in a different direction, or supporting (re), take a spin through the alpha version of the organization to see how (re) looks.

in short