what you’ll find in the ‘feel’ section

“A creative process isn’t something you learn in a day and use forever, and it isn’t a set of simple steps you read out of a manual.

It all becomes your natural way of being,

what you were put on earth to do.”                            Diego Rodriguez


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sampling (re) thinking

mindset, catalysts,


(re) thinkers in action

a broad sampling

of (re)-like thinking

IDEO partner Diego Rodriguez once said, “a creative process isn’t something you learn in a day and use forever... it (must) become your natural way of being, what you were put on earth to do.”

each of us possess the capacity for creative thought. but like any ‘muscle’, if you don’t exercise it, you don’t get too much from it. in this part of the website we offer you the dual-opportunity to ‘see’ (re) thinking in action and to try it on.

creative thought

resulting in value

story telling is a powerful human ability and tradition. interestingly, the stories of human progress are too infrequently told or even told in a way that goes beyond the ‘big idea’ and captures the before and after of the story: how creative thought generate the idea and how similar thinking translated the idea into tangible value.

the stories in this section seek to do the following 3 things:

1)tell you the story parts before, during and beyond the idea; 2) show you to a breadth of environments, periods of time, and forms of value; and 3) emphasize the catalysts behind the stories, those who were instrumental in bringing creative thought and its fruits to many.

case studies

what (re) thinking & tools

can look like in organizational form

here you’ll learn about the kinds of places that infuse (re) thinking deep into their culture, structure, and all they do and create.

think of these case studies as the ‘bringing together’ of the first two parts of this ‘feel’ section of the site: the mindset + the stories of value centered around an individual.


to get a feel for how (re) will expand your thinking and for the true potential of creative thought, you need to try it on. more, you need to apply it to your individual world. the range of possibilities from there is as broad as humans themselves and what they value. here’s where your version of progress starts.

in short